#FaganForSheriff 2020


We must stand for justice for all citizens of Fort Bend County. The Sheriff must be concerned about any violation of citizens rights. The employees of ​the sheriff's department views stems from the top. Therefore, there must be zero tolerance against gender, racial and ethnic discrimination.

We will be committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in Fort Bend County. True diversity must have inclusion. We must increase community engagement by working with all citizens of Fort Bend County. The Sheriff should be concerned with the protection of its citizenry, regardless of their party affiliation, race or sexual orientation.

We will provide the best and most up to date training for the staff, jailers and deputies of the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Department. The Fort Bend County Sheriff's office must be proactive in addressing today's current events, such as, active shooters, terroristic threats, and violence against women in any form. We must reach out to the surrounding law enforcement agencies in Fort Bend County to have joint training. The Fort Bend Sheriff should lead in this effort.

I hope you had an opportunity to watch my video on my seven point plan to Make the Fort Bend Sheriff County Sheriff’s office better by being more proactive on crime, addressing domestic violence, working more with our very diverse community, opening up communication with our millennials and youth and bringing the community and law enforcement closer together to address all of our concerns. Your financial support and volunteering, however large or small, will help us make this seven point plan a reality for the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. This campaign is reaching out to everyone no matter party affiliation, Democrat, Republican or Independent.  The Sheriff, above all in the department, should be perceived without question as a person who stands for justice and equality for all.

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