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#FaganForSheriff 2020


If elected to be your next sheriff, I will bring more progressive policing, training and equipment to Fort Bend County that will protect the citizens of our county.

I believe that the Sheriff should create and implement policies that focus on reducing the county jail population and also have programs for inmates to participate in while incarcerated that will help them when they re-enter the community.

Mental illness has always been of interest to me because of my education and advanced training in forensic psychology.  Recent events in the news have confirmed my plan to have all deputies take more extensive training on how to recognize the signs of mental illness.  This training will include the standard CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training as well as the proper techniques to de-escalate an encounter, not only with the mentally ill, but all citizens. This means there will be continual ongoing training for all deputies on patrol and in the jail.

When elected, I will request body cameras for all deputies who come into contact with the public. The cameras benefit both the deputy and the citizens.  If there is ever a discrepancy about an encounter at a scene, we can always refer back to the body camera footage.

I recently addressed the problem of racial profiling by the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office Task Force in an article in the Houston Chronicle that my Republican opponent declined to comment on. The article stated that deputies and municipal officers on a task force under the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office control are pulling Hispanic motorists over at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group. This blatant act of racial profiling will not be tolerated in my administration. It’s wrong and illegal.

If elected, these initiatives will help to end police brutality and misconduct and bring more transparency to the sheriff’s office.  Additionally, view the videos detailing my 7 point plan on this site.

Video 1  addresses collaborating with schools to protect and build better relationships with our youth and law enforcement.

Video 2  addresses the victims of human trafficking and its negative impact on the community.

Video 3  addresses domestic violence and how the sheriff’s office can better serve the victims of this crime.


Video 4  highlights the diversity of our community and how the sheriff’s office should reflect that diversity.

Video 5  addresses how mediation can bring more transparency to the office.


Video 6  addresses bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community and increases transparency in the office.


I believe if Fort Bend County has a Sheriff, District Attorney and County Judge who are like-minded, and will work together side by side to bring innovative equipment and progressive policies to protect the people of Fort Bend County, our county can be a model for others to follow.   

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