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•      Fagan earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science degree in Juvenile Forensic Psychology from Prairie View A&M University.

•      Obtained extensive experience in Mental Health while earning his Master’s degree.  Performed psychological evaluations on inmates under a licensed Psychiatrist before their court appearance.  

•      Mental Health education and training gave Fagan the hands on experience on how to recognize mental illness and how to deescalate confrontations with the mentally ill.  As a result of these experiences, Fagan knows how important it is to have deputies get the proper training on dealing with the mentally ill and deescalating encounters without the possible use of force.

During Fagan’s career he worked as a background investigator in the Recruiting Division of HPD, where he traveled throughout the United States to conduct thorough background investigations on applicants.  He conducted background investigations on citizen applicants and law enforcement officers from other agencies.  This experience gave him the opportunity to investigate and stop several bad officers from becoming a part of the Houston Police Department.  He knows how to spot gypsy cops and prevent them from jumping from agency to agency.

•      Fagan was assigned to Internal Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Division where he personally mediated disputes between citizens and officers.  During his time he conducted over 200 mediations with a 100% rate of agreement.  

•      Serving on Mayor Turner’s protection detail afforded Fagan the opportunity to gain experience in working with city, state, federal and international dignitaries while ensuring their protection and safety.  As a detail leader on Mayor Turner’s detail, Fagan was charged with overseeing the security in whatever area of the city, state or nation the mayor traveled to. He coordinated and gave directives to Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Constables and their employees.  He also coordinated and gave directives to the media when HPD officers or HFD employees were involved in any catastrophic event that was covered by the media.  

•      Fagan was assigned to Executive Chief Troy Finner’s office as Community Liaison which gave him the responsibility to work with community leaders and religious organizations to bring the police and community closer together.  During his tenure as the Community Liaison, Fagan in Partnership with Unlimited Visions Aftercare, brought the Building a Community of Hope Summit to Southeast Houston. This summit included psychiatrists, medical professionals, attorneys, politicians and law enforcement officers and leaders who participated in panel discussions during the summit.  The play, “The Law of Parties” was written by Fagan and performed at the summit. 

•      Fagan is certified by The Texas Department of Public Safety in dignitary protection. This training taught him how to protect domestic and foreign dignitaries and how to be on alert for possible terroristic and domestic threats.  During Super Bowl LI he worked with the NFL security team, the FBI, Homeland Security, Metro, Harris County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement municipalities around the City of Houston in planning for and protecting over one million citizens and visitors who attended the festivities.


•      Fagan’s experience working in the city marshal’s division where he executed thousands of arrest warrants gives him a unique perspective on the proper way to execute a warrant of arrest with the utmost safety for the arresting officer and the suspect.  During his time in the city marshal’s division is when he captured a capital murder suspect and brought him in safely without incident.  As a result of his handling of one of the most dangerous warrants, the capturing of a capital murder suspect, he was awarded one of his three Officer of the Year awards. 

•      Fagan was assigned to several patrol divisions in Houston Harris County and Houston Fort Bend.  While patrolling in the 4th largest city in the United States, he received numerous citizens commendations for his community policing efforts.  In one of his patrol areas there was a large fire at a Section 8 apartment complex.  Several families lost everything, had no insurance and could not afford to replace the items they lost.  Fagan went to local businesses and gathered funds, donations of food, clothing and furniture to donate to the families.  As a result of going above and beyond the call of duty, he was awarded another one of his three Officer of the Year awards for his humanitarian efforts.  

•      During Fagan’s entire career he has always been involved in community he served.  As a patrol officer he fostered relationships with the members of the community.  On one occasion while executing a warrant of arrest at an apartment complex, a gentleman ran down the stairs with a baby in his arms yelling, “my baby is dead,” and thrusted the baby in Fagan’s arms.  Fagan immediately dropped to his knees with the baby, said a prayer, and began to perform CPR.  The six month old baby girl was revived and Fagan received, his third, and what he is most proud and thankful for, Officer of the Year award. 

•      To receive the Officer of the Year award during a law enforcement career is rare, Fagan has received the award on three different occasions during his stellar career.  

•      As president of the Afro American Police Officers League, Fagan worked alongside the Houston Police Officers’ Union negotiating a $780 million-dollar budget for over 5,000 law enforcement officers. Because of his leadership during his tenure as president, he was named President Emeritus of the Afro American Police Officers League.   

•      Fagan has always cared about our youth and millennials.  During his career he was a D.A.R.E. instructor.  His desire to help young people has continued by becoming an instructor for the Community Safety Education Act, better known as SB30.  This bill mandates that law enforcement officers and youth in 9th through 12th grade receive instruction on the proper actions to be taken during a traffic stop.   He brought SB30 to Fort Bend Marshall High School, Tony Becerra Park and has facilitated several Zoom SB30 discussions in Fort Bend County. 


Patrick's Project

"Patrick's Project will honor the memory of our beloved son, Patrick Wayne Fagan. Patrick was actively involved in the community through Top Teens of America, Inc., the Houston Police Department Blue Santa Program and the Child Developing Center, Inc., which was the Fagan Family Community Service Project. He enjoyed giving and gave unselfishly of himself to others. The quality of leadership possessed by Patrick earned him a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do after five years of intense training. He enjoyed playing tennis and was a four-year varsity letterman and the recipient of the prestigious Pioneer Award. He was a member of USTA (United States Tennis Association) and played with Femi Thomas Tennis Pro International. 

He attended the Imani School, Lutheran South Academy High School and Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA). Among Patrick's many activities while attending SFA, he joined the tennis club, pledged with the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity, played on the Steen East Intramural Basketball Team and participated in the Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry. Our family has partnered with Unlimited Visions Aftercare, Inc., (UVA) to do "Patrick's Project", which is a vision he had to provide tennis lessons for underprivileged and underserved children in the community. It was Patrick's belief that there are many scholarship opportunities for children who play tennis and that those scholarship opportunities could lead to a college education and a way out of poverty for young kids so that they can have better lives. When Patrick's vision was shared with the the CEO of UVA, Marilyn Jones, she said, "That is something that we can make happen to honor his memory." Patrick's Project will provide the youth at UVA's residential facility with fitness, discipline, and teamwork through tennis to aid in long-term recovery. 

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